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You Can Be Sure Of A Silent Knight

Silent Knight Global Consulting is a group of well trained individuals that specialize in a wide range of disciplines. We consist of and collaborate with former military, law enforcement, and civilians that settle for nothing less than the best. We provide a superior degree of quality intelligence with expertise and accuracy.






[ Infidelity Investigations ]

Veracity and Discretion are a must when you have concerns and questions that need to be answered and your partner is not willing to communicate.

[ Background Investigations ]

Criminal, Pre-employment, Premarital, Asset, Financial... are just a few types of background investigations that are conducted here at Silent Knight Global Consulting.

[ Fraud & Insurance ]

Despite our best prevention efforts most have suffered some form of fraud. Identity Theft, Occupational Fraud, Insurance Fraud are all incidents where a fraud expert would be useful. 

[ Consulting Services ]


Security Consulting and Risk Management decisions are what determine the resiliency and security of most organization that allows them to continue to grow year after year.

[ Missing Persons ]


While trying to locate a person there needs to be boots on the ground. Our proprietary databases and extensive network of contacts and resources around the globe gives us the ability to  conduct operations throughout the United States and around the world.

[ Surveillance Operations ]


Static, Mobile, Covert, Overt, or Waterborne are all forms of surveillance techniques that are utilized to gather information. Each and every case is unique and a plan is developed according the specific needs of the client . 

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