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[ State of Missouri Licensed Private Investigator ]

Vin has a back ground in a wide range of disciplines;  Construction, Home Improvement, Child Care, Community Outreach, Ministry, Security, Asset Protection, Fugitive Recovery, Law Enforcement to mention a few. Each and everyone of these skills has molded, shaped, sculpted Vin into the Silent Knight that he is today. The compassion and  nurturing attributes necessary to care for others are a result of Vin's time as a counselor and child care provider with the Salvation Army. Ingenuity and know how came from his time in construction and home improvement sales. Communication and Organization from his time in community outreach. Determination was gained from fugitive recovery/apprehension. Strength, Integrity, Honor, was illuminated as a result of his time in asset protection, security, and law enforcement. 

 About Us_ 

The development of Silent Knight Global Consulting was the result of a need for a superior degree of quality intelligence. Background analysis on employees, care providers, home healthcare, romantic attractions, to covert surveillance, fraud inquiries, and litigation assistance for legal proceedings is just the tip of the iceberg of quality services that are provide by Silent Knight Global Consulting. From a large organization with adversary concerns, or a legal team needing actionable trial and case support, or an individual with personal elements to consider; Silent Knight Global Consulting has the resourcefulness and intelligence to make most cases an accomplishment.


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